Thursday 10 August 2017

WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre

27th July 2017
For my 12th birthday, we drove to the tiny village of Slimbridge, teeming with wildlife. The home of my late hero, Sir Peter Scott, I was sure that this would be as good as Norfolk.

A flock of Lapwing fly in the distance

The nicely- labeled Observatory stands proud and can be seen for miles around
A Peter Scott original- 'Hawaiian Geese Flying Over Mauna Loa' 

A great view of one of the lakes from the Observatory

A shy Common Toad turns its back on me at Toad Hall

A Bewick's Swan looks at me for grain

My first Bean Goose!

Two Greater White-fronted Geese

Two Avocets preen at the Waders Hide...

...along with assorted small Waders such as Redshanks

 The bust of Sir Peter Scott watches 24/7 over the Reserve

 On the South Lake, hundreds of Black-tailed Godwits congregated with other species for a feast

The Chilean Flamingos outside the Kingfisher Kitchen

28th July 2017
Today, we visited Slimbridge from 9:30 to 5:00- the time that is open for. I saw many firsts today, including a rarity which all the other birders were talking about...

 It has been a successful year for this bird, with eggs hatching across Britain- the Cattle Egret!

Thanks to the Sightings Book at the Entrance, I saw my first Green Sandpiper

The biggest spider I have ever seen eats the fly next to it in one go!

Many Eiders call Slimbridge home

A Barnacle Goose

The Hawaiian Goose (Nene) is the bird that Sir Peter saved from extinction 70 years ago.

 A Black-necked Swan

A Crested Screamer pecks at the ground, making its head blurry!

 The Corscoroba Swan, the world's smallest swan

 The oldest bird on site, this James' Flamingo, called Mr James, is more than 70 years old

 Ruddy Shelducks preening

 The world's highest flying birds, Bar-headed Geese

 This Common Crane was hatched by the Great Crane Project, a partnership between many wildlife organisations

 Is this domestic breed of duck obese?!

 A Lesser Snow Goose in its 'blue' form

A Red-breasted Goose

Freckled Ducks

A Comb Duck hides in the Lesser Flamingos' enclosure

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