Sunday 11 March 2018

This Could Have Been My Patch!!!

10th March 2018
Today I went for a peaceful walk around St John's Wood, near where I used to live, and came across a historical graveyard, called St John's Wood Church Gardens. I realised it was a Local Nature Reserve (see my map on the right) and went inside. There were Squirrels all over the place, and took some rewarding shots by stalking them.

 I discovered that there was a wildlife area, which had mostly Squirrels running everywhere! Fortunately, there was one area called the Glade, which was full of bushes and trees, alive with birdsong. Suddenly, a tiny bird with a curved beak came out of one of the trees (I only saw it for a split second): my first Treecreeper! 

There were many other bird species as well, but if I still lived in the area, this place would definitely be my patch: it is amazing to see that even in central London, birds and other animals have learned to adapt to urban surroundings, and thrive there. Also, it is wonderful that councils and the Government have realised that wildlife is abundant in London, and have created many green spaces in which wildlife and people can flourish harmoniously.  

Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrel eating a nut in a tree

Great Tit in the Glade

Blackbird in the Glade

Woodpigeon on the 'Five Senses Walk'

Afterwards, I got on a train and walked around South Acton, a nearby town having a massive redevelopment with blocks of flats and many parks.

A Redwing and Starlings on a school field


 An artistic photo which I call 'Feral Pigeon in Motion'

Saturday 3 March 2018

Patch Update

3rd March 2018
Today I visited my main patch, Ruislip Lido, where the entire reservoir was frozen: It was very interesting to see how the birds coped with the ice! I was also very proud, as a few months ago, I complained to Hillingdon Council about some incorrect signs ('they had a picture of a White-faced Whistling Duck above the caption 'Egyptian Goose'!), and I was told by my MP that the Council were going to create new signs. Today was the first time I saw them at the Lido, and I felt so happy!

One of the new signs!

The reservoir has frozen! (mostly)



Canada Geese sitting on the ice

Black Headed Gulls

Feeding the birds- they must have been so hungry!

A hybrid duck- anyone know what it is?

A Mute Swan enjoys some seeds

A Dunnock- I hadn't seen one for ages!

A very angry-looking Tufted Duck!

Mixed flock of Gulls

A Great Crested Grebe swims past Black Headed Gulls

Swimming past a huge sheet of ice

I was not happy when one man threw huge chunks of bread into the water, creating this feeding frenzy

Juvenile Mute Swan

First (female) Pochard I have seen on this patch!

I visited a local graveyard afterwards, the place where I had seen my first and only Hawfinch. Unfortunately, I didn't see any, but I heard calls of Blackbirds, Blue Tits and Goldfinches.