Sunday 7 January 2018

My Letter is in the WWT Magazine!

6th January 2018
I was just casually flicking through the latest issue of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trusts' magazine, Waterlife, and decided to look at the 'Wigeon Post', the page where people's letter's are displayed. To a complete surprise, I found my picture at the bottom of the page, proudly standing next to my scope at Snettisham in 2016. When I saw that the letter was called 'Kaul of the wild' and that it was from 'Kabir Kaul, London', I went wild!

I had submitted the letter to WWT way back in August (I sent the same one to the RSPB), and with no email confirmation, I did not expect my letter to be in the following issue, but unexpectedly, my letter came out in print! Unlike the RSPB version of my letter, WWT had not edited much, apart from mentioning my blog at the end of the letter, which I was very happy about. However, the picture looks like it was taken twenty years ago, because of the resolution!

The letter, 1 of 2

The letter, 2 of 2


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