Sunday 21 January 2018

Patch Update- 8th Trip to Barnes

21st January 2018
Yesterday, once again, I visited one of my patches- the London Wetland Centre in Barnes. Despite the light rain, the birds did not seem to mind. There were not many birders around, but I made the most of my visit.

A Ring-necked Parakeet at the entrance

On my way to the Peacock Tower, I found a birder holding Swarovski binoculars, and asked him if there was anything about. He told me that there was a Jack Snipe (a bird I had wanted to see for years) situated in the Wader Scrapes area. I rushed to the Peacock Tower, to find that it was almost empty. I rushed to the top floor, where I positioned my binoculars on the windowsill. Suddenly, a familiar duck swam before my eyes: a duck I had seen in almost every winter WWT video. I had finally seen a Pintail!

A pair of Pintails

Many gull species on one island- could one be a Glaucous Gull?

Male Pintail swimming (spot the great Crested Grebe)

Immature Gulls 

Gadwalls and Teals

Teals sleeping on an island

Another male Pintail

Two birders spotted this Heron hiding in the grass

Before reporting to Rare Bird Alert, I checked that this was a female Tufted Duck, and not a Ring Necked Duck from America.

Male and two female Pintails

After befriending many birders from around the world, I rushed to the Wader Scrapes hide, and discovered that there was a game on at Fulham FC's ground, Craven Cottage, which is next to the Wetland Centre. I hope the birds didn't get disturbed! Unfortunately, I did not see the Jack Snipe, but saw two Reed Warblers and a beautiful Heron.

This photo of a Heron was a team effort. My dad steadied my scope, while I digiscoped the Heron, producing a rewarding shot.

After returning to the courtyard, I accidentally went up the stairs to the Discovery Centre, where I took this shot of Parakeets:

This one looked particularly angry!

Special thanks to my dad, for helping me take that wonderful photo.


  1. Not a bad visit to LWC Kabir - shame you didn't see the Jack Snipe.
    You probably saw Cetti's Warblers instead of Reeds though - they aren't back from Africa for another month or two. Love their song!
    Did you get any more pics of the gull on the left with the possible Glaucous Gull?

    1. Thank you for the warbler clarification- will keep that in mind! (I will send you the potential Glaucous pics)