Thursday 21 December 2017

A Day Out in Clapham

(Dedicated to my wonderful little cousin)

21st December 2017
Today was spent with my little cousin brother (see my October post, '6th Trip to Barnes'), in the bustling town of Clapham. I spent lots of time with him today, trying to help him pursue his growing interest in birds. For a large part of the day, I visited Clapham Common with him, a huge park filled with birds: a great place to start. 

He told me to show all of the birds to him, so I did, and when I showed him an Egyptian Goose, I taught him the noise it makes ('honk honk'). He learned all this information very quickly, and started pointing at birds and exclaiming their names, such as 'crow' and 'goose'.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a ferris wheel ride at Winter Wonderland's alternative park, and admired beautiful views of the city. I feel very proud that I am already teaching the basics of bird identification to someone younger.

Greylag Goose grazing

Grey Squirrel

1 of 3 Egyptian Geese sighted

Battersea Power Station


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