Tuesday 19 December 2017

Tate Birding

19th December 2017
No, the Tate have not opened a new gallery dedicated to birds, but I stood on the viewing platform at the Tate Modern, and birdwatched. Doesn't sound very exciting does it, watching pigeons and gulls fly about in central London? Actually, all who think that are wrong. Back in September, the RSPB had a pop-up shop outside the art gallery (I bought lots of pin badges from there), and volunteers were armed with scopes and binoculars, all facing the top of the Tate Modern's chimney. They were all waiting for one bird: the Peregrine Falcon.

For many years, Peregrines have done well in London, nesting on skyscrapers and making a meal out of the passing Sparrows, but recently, they have frequented the Tate's chimney, and when I visited the gallery today, my first thought was "The Peregrines!". When I eventually visited the viewing platform today, I heard harsh, wild mewing call: a Peregrine was frantically flapping around the chimney. That gave me the chance to take this disgraceful shot (even when I edited it, it didn't look any better). If only I had focused the camera!

The Peregrine. For now, my photos of birds in flight are unlikely to improve

However, I also saw a dozen Black Headed Gulls, two juvenile Lesser Black-backed Gulls in their 2nd winter plumage and a Cormorant. I took some wonderful shots of some of the Black Headed Gulls:

By Blackfriars Bridge

In Gabriel's Wharf

In Southbank

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