Monday 11 December 2017

Garden Update

10th December 2017
Today, a carpet of snow descended on Britain, which made me bring out my camera and take photos of the birds making the most of the rare weather. 

A snow-topped cafe attracted many birds throughout the day

The bird bath (and the pond) were frozen over!

A Carrion Crow sits on a TV aerial

A Magpie looks on at snow-covered houses

House Sparrow

Male House Sparrow

The classic Christmas card: none other than Redbreast VIII taking shelter under the garden furniture!

Inspired by the birds above, I decided to build a snow owl!


  1. Hi, I'm really enjoying reading your blog, as a young birder myself its fantastic some of the sightings you have, I'm sorry also but the tree sparrow image you have there is just a house sparrow im afraid !

    1. Hi,im I glad you enjoy reading my blog. Thanks for pointing that out, I need to update it!

      Kind regards,