Tuesday 26 December 2017

Camley Street Natural Park & Regent's Canal

24th December 2017
While walking through the Christmas Eve rush in King's Cross, I kept thinking that Camley Street Natural Park, an urban reserve home to many woodland and wetland birds, was nearby. I did not know how to prove it, until I saw a huge banner that read, 'London Wildlife Trust'. As soon as I saw a huge clump of trees and a familiar canal (and a Peregrine) I rushed across the road, and stood on its banks for about twenty minutes. Unfortunately, due to me having other plans, I did not go inside the woodland area of the reserve, but I did take some shots by the Regent's Canal:

The edge of Camley Street, with the canal snaking around

A Herring Gull flies overhead


Flock of Black Headed Gulls

Camley Street Natural Park is within a development called King's Cross Central, which will provide homes and offices for many Londoners. In my opinion, this is a very good idea, as Camley Street will be a local nature reserve to a massive amount of people, and this means that everyone in King's Cross can enjoy their local wildlife.

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